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 Business Development and Technology News - Latest

[06/2013] E-brokerage System going live

[04/2013] OpenFLEX System going Cloud

[03/2013] OpenFLEX implemented new e-fax solution


[11/2012] OpenFLEX developping insuarance Premium Calculator system

[10/2012] OpenFLEX Window 7 Upgrade for AIMS

[06/2012] OpenFLEX CEA project ĘC New Line: Choice Product ĘC Going Live

[04/2010] OpenFLEX Address QAS project

[03/2010] OpenFLEX New Deductible Project


[11/2011] CEA New Rate and CEA submission

[10/2011] OpenFLEX Claim Adjuster WEB

[09/2011] OpenFLEX CEA WEB information system

[07/2011] OpenFLEX New CEA System

[06/2011] OpenFLEX FireLine System - PC Ungrouping Rating, FireLine Rating and FireLine Scrubbing Related Projects

[03/2011] OpenFLEX Project - Support ISO PPC database version into AIMS PPC system


[04/2010] OpenFLEX developping insuarance FireLine and Protection Class automation system based on ISO data

[04/2010] OpenFLEX Beta for E-payment System and Check processing PurePay system

[03/2010] OpenFLEX Imaging paperless system: Backscan Module go-live

[02/2010] OpenFLEX deployed E-Issue-Tracking System for Technology Support (Powered by Redmine/Ruby On Rails)

[02/2010] OpenFLEX office moved from suite 1200 to suite 1170

[02/2010] OpenFLEX Commission Change for AIMS system


[11-12/2009] OpenFLEX Endorsement Filing System Released - Fair Rental Value, FBDO, Inflation Guard module

[11/2009] OpenFLEX release WEB Commerical Line Application System - New Business Module

[10/2009] OpenFLEX FireLine system - phase I starting

[10/2009] OpenFLEX Present Claim Adjuster WEB-based Information system (Latest DNN Technology)

[08/2009] OpenFLEX PPC protection class automation

[07/2009] OpenFLEX ChoicePoint mail automation system for Mortgagee copy

[05/2009] OpenFLEX Disaster Recovery Printing System

[04/2009] OpenFLEX DotNet Nuke Technology for Claim Processing

[04/2009] OpenFLEX New Rating for CEA system

[03/2010] OpenFLEX Imaging System for Underwriting management

[03/2010] OpenFLEX Moving to SQL 2008 Technology Platform

[02/2009] OpenFLEX Commission Change for AIMS system

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